CRS unpacks the psychology involved in managing your boss

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CRS unpacks the psychology involved in managing your boss

There is no ‘I’ in team, as the saying goes. For businesses to prosper, there must be clear, effective communication in the team – especially between managers and individual members, as well as between members themselves. Dealing with the leader, the decision-maker, requires a specific approach and consideration of several factors to achieve success. Human Capital Management specialist CRS Technologies outlines the steps to take, when, how and why.

Research on the internet offers up some valuable information. The aptly titled lists a few thought-provoking tips, from first trying to understand your boss, to building strengths and focusing these strengths on things that matter, as well finding out what works and how to avoid being overloaded or having your time wasted.

A solid piece of advice from CRS Technologies, which is also explained in, is that to effectively deal with the boss requires being a problem solver and not someone who thrives on drama.

Nicol Myburgh, Head: CRS Technologies HCM Business Unit, says this point is especially relevant in the current business climate, which most business leaders would argue is highly challenging.

“There are more than enough challenges, so ideally employees should work to come up with solutions or suggestions at least, rather than merely highlighting challenges and obstacles. Managers are looking for positive energy, people who want to try to solve issues and add value.  As this research shows, it’s always better to make managers aware of challenges or issues – and come with a solution.”

Myburgh says that a good rule of thumb for employees to note when engaging their bosses is to try to understand what motivates them, what they are passionate about and why.

“This sounds obvious, but the truth is that we forget business leaders are also just people, they have their good days and bad days. As an employee, it makes a lot of sense to try to figure out what employers are concerned about, what they want to achieve, their mission and vision; doing this will strengthen the relationship and help keep employees focused on delivering what counts.”

Show strength

CRS Technologies underlines the fact that in today’s market and economy, immediate value from resource is a must – and this includes human capital.

“Now, perhaps more than ever before, employees must show their worth. Staff have to demonstrate the value they give to their employers. Business leaders want employees who are determined, resolute and willing to do everything it takes to make the business work. Relationships are vital to smooth operations and, as we read in, to encourage rapport and trust, it is advisable to act like a leader and try to anticipate what is required and by when.”

Value is measured in different ways and contribution is more than just numbers, as CRS Technologies attests, but the central message – from a human resources perspective – is that business leaders have strengths and weaknesses, and this can hinder or help operations. However, for bosses to get the best out of their people, and conversely for people to benefit from true leadership and example, it is important to understand the basics of the relationship and work at it consistently.

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